Vladdin Pod Review: Will It Become the New JUUL?

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How lucky are we to live in a world where new vaping devices appear every day?

That’s part of what makes vaping so fun!

One of the most recent newcomers on the market is the Vladdin RE pod system. Many users predict this little device to become the new JUUL. To help you understand whether it lives up to expectations, I’ve prepared this Vladdin RE review. Enjoy!

Introducing the Vladdin Pod Vape

I want to start my Vladdin RE review with explaining what this device actually is. I guess you are already familiar with pod vape systems. If not, at least you have heard of the famous JUUL. Well, the Vladdin is kind of similar to it.

It’s a closed pod system that works with pre-filled cartridges. The newest adjustments also allow the Vladdin to work with refillable pods now. This little device supports both nicotine salts and regular e-juices. It seems like the manufacturer really wanted to make the Vladdin vape suitable for everyone.

And even though this pod vape is relatively new, it’s growing in popularity. Users appreciate its sleek design, ease of use, and a few more factors. The pod system helps vapers save time on refills. Plus, the device has some other things to offer. Let’s get to details now.

What’s Inside

Here’s the kit you get with your purchase:

  • Vladdin RE device;
  • micro USB charging cable;
  • one replacement pod (refillable, but you can buy pre-filled ones separately);
  • user manual;
  • warning card.

The Vladdin’s box looks like a taller version of a cigarette pack. The second you take it into your hand you know the device is going to be sleek, lightweight, and portable.


Now, have a quick glance at the main specs of this device:

  • dimensions: 90.3 x 19 x 11.4 mm;
  • battery capacity: 350 mAh;
  • heating element: ceramic coil;
  • output voltage: 3.5 V;
  • maximum wattage output: 12 W;
  • coil resistance: 1.2-1.5 ohms;
  • juice pod capacity: 1.5 ml;
  • simple magnetic connection;
  • LED battery light indicator;
  • top-fill system;
  • silicone anti-leak stopper;
  • draw-activated;
  • pre-filled pods: Mint Tobacco, Northern Tobacco, Ice Tobacco, VCT Tobacco.

Build Quality and Look

Just like many other pod systems, the Vladdin has a very sleek design and a slim body. This pod vape lies comfortably in the hand and feels very pleasant to the touch. It is extremely lightweight. It might even remind you of a regular cigarette, which is great news for smokers who want a smooth transition to vaping. Because the vape weighs under 20 grams, you can barely even feel it’s there. Carrying it around would not be a problem. Just put it in your pocket or purse and you are good to go.

Now, the Vladdin RE has a light aluminum frame. Because the device is so lightweight, it feels a bit fragile. But once you start using it, you will realize that it’s quite sturdy. Yes, it doesn’t feel like a high-end model. But the parts are solid, and the Vladdin offers the combination of functionality and simplicity.

There are four exterior options available: charcoal matte, rainbow, gold, and chrome. The vape has a curvy design and defined edges, which makes it look interesting and even a bit futuristic. There’s a bright LED indicator on the frame, which shows the battery charging. It also serves as the ON button.

I did drop my vape for the sake of this Vladdin pod system review a few times to see how it would hold up regular and intense usage.

The results?

There are some scratch marks and a small chip on the matte finish (I was testing the charcoal model), which is quite reassuring. I feel like the Vladdin will serve me for a long time.

The Vladdin is only 6 grams heavier than the JUUL. This is rather surprising given the fact that it’s a bit wider and taller. But such a lightweight design makes the Vladdin very pleasant to hold in one’s hand and carry around.

Here’s the best part:

The cartridges are attached to the battery using a magnetic connection. This saves vapers time and effort when switching between pods or cleaning the device. The connection is quite strong and allows the pods to be used immediately. You won’t hear a click when attaching the cartridge, but it will sit there nicely. If the connection is dirty, there might be some wiggle, so make sure to clean it regularly.

Design and Features

The Vladdin is one of the most user-friendly options you can find on the market, indeed.

The whole unpacking and setup process takes less than 3 minutes. This means you can start vaping right away, right after you get the package and open the box.

And let me just tell you this:

The Vladdin can make a good JUUL alternative for one simple reason. It works with refillable pods. This means you have the freedom to try pretty much any flavor you want. This is also good news for people who occasionally suffer from vaper’s tongue. By simply switching between different flavors, you can easily protect yourself from this unpleasant condition.

Now, the Vladdin pods have a 1.5-ml capacity. The refillable ones have a removable top that you can drip the e-juice through. There are two fill holes that work great with unicorn bottles but can be too small for droppers. So, to avoid the mess, give your preference to e-juice bottles with thinner nozzles. Above the filling holes is a removable silicone plug. It serves to prevent the leakage and does its job well. I always carry my Vladdin right in the pocket and have not experienced any leakage through the mouthpiece, which is, honestly, rare in the world of pod vape systems.

This model comes with a rather modest set of features. It is draw-activated, so you don’t have to press any buttons or make adjustments to start vaping. Just inhale and enjoy. The heating element is a ceramic coil. It heats up fast and works to deliver a smooth hit without burning or overheating the e-juice.

There are also safety features. They include the protection against low voltage, short circuit, and overheating.


You’re probably wondering whether this little, lightweight vape can offer a decent hit and flavor.

So, let me tell you right away:

The Vladdin managed to pleasantly impress me here.

First off, it offers a rather noticeable, pleasant throat hit. It might even remind you of a regular cigarette. So, this is good news for ex-smokers. The draw is quite tight, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s really a matter of personal taste. The airflow is quite moderate and makes the inhales feel restricted. Again, this might remind you of a regular cigarette. Plus, it offers a mouth-to-lung vaping style.

Here’s the kicker, though:

The Vladdin offers very consistent performance. No dry hits, no spitback, no burnt flavor, nothing unpleasant overall. The flavor is quite deep thanks to the ceramic heating element. It isn’t overly concentrated and mixes well with nicotine (when vaping on nicotine salts). It leaves a pleasant aftertaste. And because the nicotine salts allow for quick absorption, you get to enjoy that relaxing state caused by the nicotine in your blood.

When refilling the cartridge, make sure you use the side holes and not the vapor chimney in the middle.

I’ve also tried the Vladdin with regular e-juices (VG-based). The flavor was just as good. As for the clouds, they were not impressively big, which I didn’t really mind. To me, the Vladdin is a perfect option for a stealth vape.


When it comes to pod vape systems, users don’t really expect much. But this is when the Vladdin is bound to surprise. Its battery capacity is 350 mAh, which is bigger than what most modern pod vapes can offer (just to compare, the JUUL has a 150-mAh battery).

Now, depending on how much you vape, each Vladdin charge may last you for a day or two. I am an active vaper, so I charge my Vladdin every evening. I vape on my way to work, during the lunch break, on my way home (sometimes this involves a stop at the coffee shop where I vape too), and at home in the evening. However, one of my colleagues uses the Vladdin too, and he charges it every 2 days. But he’s not as active as I am, more of an occasional vaper.

No matter how quickly you can use the whole charge of this device, you will be happy to know that the battery takes around only 30 minutes to charge. This means you can start vaping again in almost no time.

If you vape frequently and plan to use the Vladdin as your primary device, it might be a good idea to get yourself an extra battery. This way, you will be able to vape non-stop. Considering that the Vladdin is quite affordable, the double-battery option would be suitable for many users.

Pods: Leakage and Wicking

I must admit, the Vladdin features an impressively smart anti-leaking design.

If you look closely at your refillable pod, you will see a small silicon membrane over the filling holes. This is what stops the e-juice from leaking out, even when you carry the vape in your pocket or bag. The membrane moves a bit and lets the vapor through when you are taking a draw.

I was using the Vladdin every day and it resided in my pocket when not being used. I didn’t have to deal with a single leakage. However, some user reviews of the Vladdin warn that it might start leaking onto the connection with time. But it seems to be a rare issue.

Because in some cases cartridges tend to start leaking on the connection, you will need to take proper care of your device. It’s a good idea to spray some alcohol (preferably 70%) onto the connectors. Alcohol will dissolve the gunk. Plus, it might reduce the future buildup.

Now, when it comes to wicking, I have only positive impressions to share. The wicking on this device is very good. I didn’t experience any dry hits even when I was chain vaping. But you might want to wait for a few seconds after each refill in order to allow the wicks to saturate the e-juice. This will help you get a richer flavor. If you start vaping too fast, getting a dry hit is possible.

Pros and Cons

To get the full image, you should definitely consider both the good and the bad.

So, let’s see the positive aspects of this little device by Vladdin:

  • elegant and sleek design;
  • extremely easy to use;
  • good battery life;
  • efficient pod switch system (fast and effortless);
  • refillable;
  • no leakage;
  • no dry hits;
  • consistent performance;
  • good flavor quality (especially for such a small device);
  • doesn’t leave a lingering smell;
  • moderate vapor production, suitable to be used indoors;
  • good build quality;
  • much simpler and easier than box mods and vape pens.

Moving on to the cons:

  • the battery might not be powerful enough for an average vaper (allows for around 150-200 puffs a day);
  • the pre-filled pods are a bit pricey;
  • limited number of flavors (pre-filled);
  • no battery life indicator (the LED light only shows when the battery is charging);
  • with time, the pods might start leaking onto the connection (which means you will need to clean it more often and more thoroughly).
Driptech DS Dual 18650 red


So, what is the one thing you can take from this Vladdin RE review?

This little device really is a great alternative for smokers who want to try a healthier, safer, and cheaper smoking method. This pod system is sleek and extremely easy to use. Plus, it offers great flavor quality.

Is it better than JUUL?

In my opinion, yes.

The Vladdin has refillable pods, which means it is cheaper than the JUUL and gives users more freedom. It also has a good battery, which should last an average vaper for a day. It looks more interesting than the JUUL and can even boast of a more elegant design (at least, in my eyes).

Overall, the Vladdin is a nice little device that offers good value for money and performs surprisingly well.


What do you think about the Vladdin pod vape? Is it something you might want to try? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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