Vape Tastes Burnt? Here’s Why And How to Fix It

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Vaping is fun, that’s for sure. We all love those flavorful clouds and all the cool scents we can experiment with.

However, there are moments when you feel like throwing your vaping device away.

Yes, when your vape tastes burnt, there’s nothing pleasant about it.

Don’t worry, we can fix it.

Let’s look at the most common reasons why you might notice a burnt taste in your vape and learn how to deal with each of them in no time.

Chain Vaping

This is the most common reason behind that burnt taste in a vape. Chain vaping is a real “killer”, and it’s especially popular among the new vapers. Basically, it’s when you take a puff after a puff with extremely short pauses in between. And the result of that is quite upsetting:

Because the wicks don’t get enough time to soak up some e-juice between the puffs, they burn.

To fix it, you just need to control yourself. I know, it sounds easy but can be a real challenge in reality. What you need to remember is this:

While chain vaping can be irresistible, you will pay by irritating your throat and feeling that disgusting burnt taste. It’s not worth it, right?

So, try to make longer pauses (at least for 15-20 seconds) between each puff. Trust me, this way your vape will be even more enjoyable.

If you are a new vaper, here’s something you should know: unlike smoking, vaping should never burn your throat. While regular cigarettes may occasionally irritate your throat, vaping is supposed to be smoother. So, if you feel like your throat is being scratched vigorously when vaping, you need to stop right away and fix the problem.

Using an Old Coil

Ask yourself this:

When was the last time you have changed your coil?

If the answer is a few weeks or (God forbid!) months ago, this one is on you, buddy. No coil can last forever, and you need to change yours regularly if you want to enjoy your vape.

So, it’s obvious that this issue is super easy to fix. Just get a new coil! And please, don’t try to reanimate the old one. An old burnt coil can be cleaned (in theory), but its performance will not improve. Just don’t be a scrooge and buy a new coil if you want your vape to be flavorful.

In America, more than 16 million people live with diseases that are related to smoking.


This one isn’t your fault. Even brand new, shiny coils can have hotspots, which add that burnt note to the flavor. Hotspots are a common issue in vaping, so don’t worry if you have to face this problem. You can fix it.

What you need to do is lightly scratch or pinch the coil using a pair of tweezers (or a small screwdriver). Of course, don’t press the fire button when doing so. To be safer, you can even take the coil head out of the tank. A couple of quick scratches, and voila! You can get back to enjoying your flavorful vape!

A quick note: the wicks may keep that burnt flavor lingering, so it’s better to ditch them and get some fresh ones.

To keep your coils sparkling clean and your vapor flavorful, try not to exceed the maximum wattage range. You see, different coils can handle different wattages. Therefore, always check your coil’s maximum capacity. It should be written in the user manual or printed on the coil head.

Improper Wicking

Hate to upset you, but this time it’s your fault. No judgment here, but when wicking incorrectly, you are the one responsible for that burnt taste in your vape.

Now, this can go both ways: you are using either too much or not enough. Too much cotton (which is the most popular wicking material) doesn’t allow for proper e-juice absorption. At the same time, not enough wicking material makes the e-juice evaporate too fast, which results in those wicks burning.

You may be wondering “How do I fix it?” The answer is trial and error. This takes practice, but eventually, you will find that perfect amount of wicking. Just give yourself some time and don’t be afraid to experiment with different quantities of cotton.

High Wattage

I know that you want to get the most out of your vape. And that’s fine, as long as you give your device as much as it can handle.

Unfortunately, some users don’t pay enough attention to this matter. And, of course, this results in a burnt-tasting vape.

Here’s what you should do to avoid that:

  • Figure out the suitable wattage for your coils (their resistance, in particular). In this case, you need to familiarize yourself with the Ohm’s law.
  • Read the manual that comes with the coil. In the majority of cases, the manual clearly states the recommended wattage for each particular coil.
  • When vaping, increase the wattage gradually. This will protect your coil from burning.

High Temperature

Again, your coil might not be able to handle just any temperature. Different coil types (titanium, stainless steel, nickel, etc.) work with different temperatures, and it’s important to understand that too many degrees can burn your coil.

Thankfully, we have TC vape mods. Using the temperature control feature will allow you to be in charge and pick the most optimal temperature for your coils. And the user’s manual might help you with that. In the majority of cases, manufacturers recommend a certain temperature setting for each particular coil.

Oftentimes, there is more than one reason behind your vape tasting burnt. So, make sure to check everything thoroughly. Pay attention not only to your coil and wicking but also to the e-juice and the overall condition of your vaping device.

Guilty E-Juice

Here’s the thing:

Even the best, the most expensive e-juice can make your vape taste burnt. Why? Because of the build-up. You see, thicker e-liquids allow for more gunk to appear on the wicks and coils, which eventually leads to that unpleasant burnt taste.

Can you fix it? Yes. What you need to do is avoid overly thick or overly sweet e-juices. Now, when the e-liquid is too thick, this means it has a high VG (Vegetable Glycerin) concentration in it. My advice is: stay away from anything that has more than 80% of VG.

As for the sweet e-juices, it’s simple: because they have more sweetener in them, they are stickier and tend to build up more. So, if you want to avoid all that gunk appearing on your wicks and coils, try to stay away from overly sweet dessert-flavored vape juices.

Using a New Coil

Yes, even a new coil can make your vape taste burnt. This might sound ridiculous, but it’s true. This happens when you don’t prepare your new coil for vaping (or don’t prime it, which is a more suitable term).

How do you that? It’s actually quite simple:

  • Before placing the coil into the tank, saturate the wicks. To do that, drop some e-juice onto them through the coil holes.
  • Leave the coil to rest for some time. Some people prefer waiting for a couple of minutes, other vapers believe that you should let it rest for at least a couple of hours. You can try both and see which method works the best for you.
  • Take the “prime” puff. Without pressing the power button, take one sharp but short puff through your device.

Now you can start your regular vaping session. Enjoy!

Dirty Coils

This one is obvious, yet so many users forget about it. When your coil is dirty and is drowning in gunk, it’s only natural that your vape tastes burnt.

You probably realize now why it’s important to keep your coils clean. Change the wicks and clean the atomizer regularly, and you will protect yourself from that nasty burnt taste. A simple rinse would be enough, but only if you do it regularly. For a more thorough cleaning, you can soak the atomizer in warm water before rinsing it. Whatever you do, just make sure you do it more than once a month.

All coils have a limited lifespan. Some serve the user for long, others need to be changed pretty often. Their lifespan depends on the coil type and each user’s vaping habits. Typically, a coil serves for about two weeks, although some vapers get new coil heads every week for the freshest flavor.

Weather Conditions

You see, the consistency of the e-juice is affected by the weather conditions in some way. For instance, when the weather is cold, your e-juice can thicken and clog the coils, leading to that unpleasant burnt taste.

So, what can you do? Try to vape inside when the weather is cold. Or if you absolutely need to vape in the fresh air, give your preference to thinner e-juices (the ones that are high in PG (Propylene Glycol) and low in VG).

Now you know how to deal with a vape that tastes burnt. Have you ever experienced such an issue? And how do you usually fix it? Let us know in the comments down below!

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