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Have you ever enjoyed your vape so much that lost track of your e-juice and ended up with an empty bottle?

Where did it all go?

You’re not alone in asking this question.

You see, each e-juice lasts for a certain time. And it’s not only about how you use it. It’s also about how long it was made to last in the first place. So, let’s get right into this.

How Long Does E-Liquid Last?

Let me clear one thing out:

Your vaping style and preferences determine for how long your e-liquid is going to last.

Still, while each vaper uses a certain amount of e-juice, there are average numbers and stats. They can help you figure out how much vape juice you need (for instance, when you plan to travel and want to get a sufficient supply of e-liquid). So, let’s look at different vape juice quantities and see for how long each of them may last.

10 ml

This is the smallest available bottle size, and not too many manufacturers produce such small amounts of e-juice. Now, on average, a 10-ml bottle of e-liquid would last you for around 4 days. Just as a comparison, I am a rather heavy vaper, and 10 ml of vape juice is enough for me for around 2 days. At the same time, my colleague David is an occasional vaper, and a 10-ml bottle lasts her for a whole week.

If you are trying to use less vape juice, you can go for higher nicotine levels. They will give you the nicotine hit faster without the need to use more e-liquid.

30 ml

30-ml bottles are very popular among vapers. They aren’t that large and allow for portability. At the same time, such an amount can last you for two weeks. This is equal to around 200 puffs. I myself can use a whole 30-ml bottle in around 7-9 days, depending on the flavor. I personally tend to vape more on sweet, dessert-like flavors (just like many other vapers). At the same time, minty and refreshing vape juices last me a bit longer.

60 ml

This is another popular option on the market. In fact, some manufacturers produce certain e-juice flavors in 60-ml bottles only. For an average vaper, a 60-ml bottle usually lasts for up to a whole month. I usually buy 60-ml e-liquid every three weeks or so.

120 ml

120-ml bottles aren’t that widespread, but you can still find many brands selling them. This is a rather large quantity. It would last you for about two months, which is equal to around 800 puffs. Now, if you are going to use a very powerful device (or if you prefer sub-Ohm vaping), you might need to buy your e-juice more often. My cousin has a mechanical box mod, which can “eat” a whole 120-ml bottle in just 5-6 weeks.

Even though vaping on an expired vape juice is not potentially dangerous for your health, you shouldn’t do it anyway. Just because expired e-liquids taste like trash.

180 ml

Not the most widespread and accessible amount, 180-ml bottles are still produced by certain manufacturers (like Magic Man by One Hit Wonder here, for example). This quantity is enough to keep you going for three months. Just make sure you don’t get tired of your vape juice. After all, vaping on the same flavor for three months can make you feel sick of it. I’d rather go for 5-6 different flavors in 30-ml bottles. They tend to last me just the same amount of time. Plus, I switch between the flavors for a fresher feel.

Does Vape Juice Expire?

Yes, I have bad news for you:

Your vape juice can go bad.

But when can you expect it to happen?

Typically, the shelf life of any e-liquid is between 1 and 2 years. Obviously, this depends on the vape juice components. As you probably know, each e-juice has Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin base (plus the flavorings).

The shelf life of Vegetable Glycerin is 4-6 years, while Propylene Glycol is good for around 1-2 years. Naturally, the manufacturers state the expiration date based on the Propylene Glycol.

Here’s the kicker, though:

There’s no specific expiry date for e-juice. The “Best Before” is always just a recommendation.

So, how do you know when your e-liquid has gone bad? Look for the following signs:

  • change of flavor (or any unpleasant notes);
  • change of color;
  • change of thickness and consistency;
  • gunk at the bottom of the bottle.

Once you notice any of these “symptoms”, you should toss your e-liquid. However, when dealing with expired vape juice, try to be responsible. For instance, if you want to throw it into the trash, make sure you close the lid tightly. You can try to mix the e-liquid with an absorbent. This way, if an animal (or one of your pets, for example) gets to your trash and eats some of it, the absorbent will protect it from nicotine poisoning. You can use kitty litter or ground coffee as an absorbent.

If you want your e-liquid to stay “fresh” longer, you need to store it properly. Always make sure it is tightly closed and sealed. Also, keep it in a proper place: somewhere dark, cold, and dry. A fridge or a cupboard away from any heat source is a good option.

If you have decided to dump your e-juice down the drain, at least dilute it with a generous amount of water first. This way, you will dilute the nicotine and prevent it from poisoning the watershed.


So, which e-juice bottle size seems to be the most suitable for you? Are you a heavy or an occasional vaper? Let us know in the comments below!

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