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Have you ever seen a teen smoking a piece of plastic?

Yeah, those are electronic cigarettes.

And the most popular one these days is, of course, JUUL.

But what makes it so appealing to youngsters? And how popular is it exactly?

We were curious about it, so we’ve asked 10,000 teenagers all across America why they love their JUULs and how often they use this little device. Let’s see what they had to say.

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Top Places Teens Use JUUL In

Now, you probably know how small JUUL devices are. Youngsters can literally put one into a pocket and carry it around without a problem. Consequently, this allows them to use their JUULs pretty much anywhere.

Here are the most popular places our respondents mentioned:

  • school – 36%;
  • home – 25%;
  • on their way to school/on a school bus – 19%;
  • friend’s house/backyard – 14%;
  • park – 6%.

Interestingly enough, 79% of the respondents mentioned that their parents don’t allow them to smoke (both regular and electronic cigarettes). However, the teens still prefer smoking in school and at home.

64% of youngsters note that when smoking in school, they try to do it in a secluded place. When being asked whether they are doing so in order to avoid judgment or punishment from the teachers/headmaster, 89% responded with a “yes”.

Top Reasons for Starting Using JUUL

Because teenagers are influenced by so many things around them, we were also interested in the factors that inspired them to start using JUUL. So, here are the sources they heard about JUUL from:

  • social media – 41%;
  • friends – 39%;
  • TV ads – 9%;
  • YouTube – 8%;
  • local stores ads and sale banners – 3%.

Looks like social media and peers have the biggest influence on teenagers today. This actually shouldn’t be surprising: kids are very involved with social media these days. Among our respondents, 87% said that they have at least 2 social media accounts.

As for the friend factor, 66% of the respondents said they had started using JUUL not to stand out from the peers who had been already smoking electronic cigarettes.

How Many Teens Use JUUL Overall?

America is the largest e-cigarette market in the world. Naturally, electronic cigarettes are extremely popular here. More than 10 million adults use these devices regularly. 40% of them note that they still smoke regular cigarettes as well. And that’s a double nicotine hit for a body!

Now, sadly, there also are many kids under the age of 18 who use JUUL. Based on our survey among 10,000 young Americans, 70% of teenagers are currently hooked on JUUL. 46% of them note that they regularly smoke regular cigarettes too. Among the 30% who are not using JUUL, 21% recognized the device when seeing it on the picture.

Recently, the FDA started their own investigation. They have requested the JUUL manufacturer to provide them with legal papers concerning the company’s marketing methods, the device’s components, and their potential effect on the users. However, the public believes that these actions are not enough and demands more strict measures to be taken.

Top Reasons Why Teenagers Use JUUL These Days

So, why do youngsters actually vape on JUUL? Out surveyed teens had different answers and explanations, but the main common reasons why they use JUUL are:

  • ability to choose and test different flavors – 56%;
  • compact and discreet design – 22%;
  • extreme ease of use – 14%;
  • belief that JUUL is less harmful than regular cigarettes – 6%;
  • desire to keep up with the trends – 2%.

It looks like modern youngsters are more interested in flavor variety and design than in other aspects of JUUL electronic cigarettes.

Additionally, 46% of those who expressed a desire to keep up with the trends note that they’ve started using e-cigarettes under the peer pressure.

The Longevity of Usage in Numbers

Among our respondents, there were teenagers who don’t have a really long experience with JUUL. Others were quite accustomed to this little device. Let’s see for how long teens use this electronic cigarette on average:

  • 1-6 months – 33%;
  • 6-12 months – 49%;
  • 12 months-3 years – 15%;
  • 3 years and more – 3%.

Among those responders who have been using JUUL for 3 years and more, 47% noted that they’d been also smoking regular cigarettes during this time.

Interestingly enough, JUUL pods contain more nicotine than the majority of other modern e-cigs and vape pens.

What Does JUUL Do to Kids’ Health?

Now, if you are a parent who is concerned about their teen and e-cigarettes usage, I understand why you feel anxious. The thing is, even though some youngsters believe that their JUULs are safe and harmless, the reality is a bit different.

So, here’s the potential impact one little JUUL device may have on a teenager:

  • Because JUUL’s e-liquid (the vape juice that the kids vape on) contains nicotine, these electronic cigarettes lead to the nicotine addiction the same way regular cigarettes do.
  • It is proved that using e-cigarettes can increase the risk of heart disease and heart attack in the long run.
  • The flavorings in the e-juice can also be harmful or cause allergies.
  • Some flavors contain solvents, which can be harmful to teens in many ways.
  • Vaping on JUUL regularly can lead to such issues as increased heart rate, lung disease, increased blood pressure, chronic bronchitis, and even diabetes.
  • Some respiratory issues are also possible.
  • Because JUUL comes in different pleasant flavors, teens tend to vape more often and consume more nicotine.

The list can go on, but you get the picture. The main danger hides in the e-juice, which contains nicotine, flavorings, and some other extra components. Depending on the composition of an e-juice, teenagers’ health may be affected in different ways.

The only thing we can agree on is:

The fact that JUUL might be a bit less harmful than regular cigarettes doesn’t make this small device safe for our kids.

Current Legal Issues to Think About

There’s a lot of buzz going around JUUL these days. Maybe this is the sign that this little device is really popular and trendy. Or maybe it shows that JUUL can be really dangerous.

Let’s see the current situation to get the full picture:

  • The FDA regularly monitors the way JUUL targets youth and tries to control the retailers around the country.
  • As JUUL is insanely popular among teenagers and young adults, many parents believe that the reason for that is false advertising and teen targeting. No wonder they (and even some of the JUUL users themselves) sue the company and blame it for their kids’ nicotine addiction.

JUUL (and other flavored tobacco devices) have been banned completely in San Francisco.

One in five school kids all across America has been seen using JUUL in school.

With that being said, it seems like JUUL might lose its popularity soon (even among youngsters). And while the FDA is investigating its marketing methods and how they affect teenagers, independent laboratories dig deep into the JUUL e-juice components to see how dangerous they actually are.

Things Parents Should Know

Now when you are aware of JUUL’s popularity among youngsters, there are a few things to consider.

Here are some important JUUL facts you might want to know:

  • One JUUL pod (the part with the e-juice) contains more nicotine than a regular cigarette. Actually, one pod contains somewhere about a whole pack of regular cigarettes.
  • JUUL pods come in different flavors, including sweet and dessert-like ones, which makes this device more likely to be used by younger kids.
  • Retailers are not allowed to sell JUUL to kids younger than 18 (or 21, depending on the state). However, there are many physical shops and online stores that don’t check their customers’ age and sell JUUL even to minors.
  • Because JUUL is so small and sleek, it’s super easy to hide. Therefore, this gives teens a chance to vape more often and pretty much wherever they want.
  • E-cigarettes are relatively new, which is why there hasn’t been enough research to figure out what health issues they may cause, especially in the long run. This means we haven’t studied JUUL well enough to state that it’s safe (or safer than regular cigarettes). Without proper research, it may turn out to be even more dangerous than cigarettes.
  • Because of JUUL’s popularity, there are many fakes and copycat products on the market, which use cheaper e-juices with low-quality ingredients.
  • Oftentimes, teens receive JUUL through their friends. Therefore, even if your local stores don’t sell electronic cigarettes, your kid might get one anyway.

What do you think about JUUL? Are you scared of what it might do to youngsters or do you believe that it’s just a trendy accessory? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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