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You brush your teeth twice a day, don’t you?

I’m sure you do.

Just like that, you should clean your vaping device regularly. Because, while our teeth need regular brushing to remain healthy, your vaporizer needs to be maintained in order to keep performing greatly.

Today, I will help you learn how to clean a vape tank or any other part of your favorite device. Let’s make it shiny and fresh!

What Is the Type of Your Vaping Device?

Before learning how to clean a vape tank, you need to figure out what kind of a vaping device you are dealing with. Now, the vaping market keeps growing every day, but the most basic and general classification of vaping devices includes:

  • e-cigs (also known as cig-a-likes);
  • eGo pens;
  • pen mods (people usually call them vaporizers);
  • box mods.

Now, e-cigs belong to the most basic, the simplest type of vaping devices. They are disposable, super easy to use, and usually very affordable. They come already fully charged and filled with an e-liquid (which you can’t refill, by the way). This is an ideal option for people who are just starting to explore the world of vaping or want something that is very similar to regular cigarettes.

But the further we move, the more interesting it gets. eGo-styled pens are an upgraded version of those basic electronic cigarettes. They hit harder than the e-cigs, produce more vapor, and offer a bit deeper flavor.

And here’s the kicker:

While being rather inexpensive, eGo pens are refillable. They usually come as a kit, with a tank and a battery designed specifically for each other, but you might find another tank that will work with your battery if you wish. eGo pens are super easy to use and can be suitable even for a beginner. However, they don’t allow for too much versatility and offer only a limited number of features.

Keeping the parts of your device clean will ensure the maximum flavor

Pen mods (which are usually called rather simply – vaporizers) belong to a more advanced category. They feature larger tanks and more powerful batteries. Oftentimes, they allow for variable voltage, great vapor production, and can be used with any e-liquid. They vary in style and size, but even the most compact pen mods can still offer you many handy features. Some of them allow temperature control, others may be suitable for regulated wattage. As for prices, they vary as well. Always remember that on the vaping market, you get what you pay for. There are some cheaper options around $30, which perform decently. But for $70, for instance, you will get a better build and more helpful features.

Now, box mods are serious players. They are able to give you the most out of your vaping experience, that’s for sure. This type of vaping devices is the most suitable for experienced and demanding users. Vapers who appreciate power, durability, customization and excellent performance are the ones who give their preference to the mod boxes. Now, they do belong to the pricier category. To get yourself a decent mod, you will have to spend around $60 – $100. Of course, there are less expensive options (costing $30, for example), but those won’t be able to offer you too much power or any extra features.

Vape mods are popular for a number of reasons. They produce excellent vapor (which makes them suitable even for cloud chasing), they offer a great quality of flavor (especially when paired with a high-quality RDA or RTA), and they oftentimes feature interchangeable batteries (which allows for a long lifespan).

It gets better:

Box mods are compatible with the majority of tanks and atomizers, which means you can customize your device according to your preferences and experiment with it to enjoy the best performance. Of course, this type requires more knowledge to be used and more maintenance too.

How to Clean a Vape Pen

Vape pens (and I mean more advanced pen mods) require regular maintenance. While you can use an ordinary electronic cigarette for a week without worrying about its maintenance (since regular e-cigs are disposable), pen vaporizers require more work. If you want to enjoy your device for as long as possible and the flavor quality to remain good, you need to learn how to clean a vape pen and do that from time to time.

Regular maintenance will ensure the long-term usage of your vaping device

Now, the cleaning method for your vape pen will depend on its type. There are e-liquid, dry herb, and concentrated oil/wax vaporizers, each of which will require different steps for you to take. Let’s take a close look at each of them.

Cleaning an E-Juice Pen

Here’s the deal:

There are pens with detachable and built-in tanks. A device with a tank being integrated with the battery is a bit tricky to clean. You will need to use a damp Q-tip to rub the excess residue away, which isn’t hard but will take quite some time.

Now, you might be wondering about how to clean a vape tank when it can be disassembled from the battery. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to take to keep your e-juice vaporizer clean and shiny:

  • Take your vaporizer apart. Disassemble the tank and the atomizer.
  • Take the tank apart. You will have an upper and a lower base, an airflow control ring, a glass well, a mouthpiece, and O-rings. You can then soak all of the parts in a bowl of warm water for around 30 minutes or a whole hour. If the device is very dirty, you can add a bit of vinegar, alcohol, or baking soda into the water.
  • Using a small toothbrush, scrub every part thoroughly.
  • You can clean the exterior of the battery using a damp cloth. And don’t forget about the connectors, those are very important. Rub them with a Q-tip (both the battery and the tank connectors).
  • To help with the drying process, pat everything with a paper towel. Leave the parts disassembled for a few hours to let them dry completely.

Now when you know how to clean a vape pen, you can assemble the parts back together and enjoy a fresh, clean flavor.

If you are using a vaporizer pen that is suitable for wax or concentrated oils, you are probably aware of the sticky residue they usually leave in the heating chamber. This type of vaporizers is a bit more challenging to clean. However, if you do it regularly, the process will be fuss-free.

Each time you change flavors, rinse your vape tank. This way, your new flavor won’t get mixed with the old one and you will be able to enjoy the purest taste

Here’s the deal:

Wax and oil vaporizers shouldn’t get wet.

So, forget about the soaking method. I know, it’s the easiest one, but you will have to make a bit more effort. You may want to warm up the vaporizer before starting to clean it in order to burn some residue or at least soften it. Disassemble the vaporizer and use a Q-tip to clean the interior. You can soak a Q-tip in alcohol and use it on the heating chamber and on the inside of your mouthpiece.

If you are wondering about how to clean a vape coil, don’t worry: it’s not hard. However, you need to be careful and gentle in order not to damage it. You need to use a Q-tip and slow motions to get rid of the grime. Adding some alcohol is a good idea, but make sure that you add just a bit.

After you are done with cleaning, leave the parts on a paper towel and let them dry for a couple of hours. Before reassembling the vaporizer, make sure that each and every detail is dry.

Cleaning a vaporizer that is used for dried herbs isn’t too complicated but requires you to be precise and gentle. Unlike other vaporizer types, dry herb pens don’t have a tank. Instead, they feature a heating chamber where you put your dry herbs. The chamber and the coils are rather delicate, so you should be careful not to damage them. Now, here’s what you should do:

  • Prepare a bowl of warm water, a small brush, some Q-tips, and paper towels.
  • Disassemble the vape pen, remove the heating chamber, and empty it out on a paper towel. Be careful not to lose the metal mesh that’s inside.
  • Clean the chamber with a small brush or a simple toothbrush, whichever is more comfortable for you. Do the same with your mesh. Make sure you move the brush around carefully but thoroughly. You don’t want to leave any small particles in there. It’s also better to avoid alcohol or even water when cleaning the chamber.
  • Let the mouthpiece soak in warm water. Then, clean it with a Q-tip. If the mouthpiece is extremely dirty, you can use a bit of alcohol or, for instance, vinegar.
  • Clean the chamber and the battery connectors using a Q-tip. Make sure you get rid of the whole residue since it can interfere with the proper connection and ruin your vaporizer’s performance.
  • Again, make sure all of the parts are completely dry before assembling them back together.
No matter how often and how thoroughly you clean your device, you will have to replace the coils at some point. The truth is, cleaning won’t bring the used coils back to life

Now when you are familiar with these cleaning tips and know how to clean vape coils and other parts, make sure you tend your device regularly.


That nasty residue accumulates more and more each day. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to clean your vaporizer!

Maintaining Your Box Mod

You already know how to deal with tanks and vape pens, but what about box mods? They look more complex and feature a bit different construction. However, maintaining them isn’t a difficult task:

  • Always make sure that the 510 connection on your mod is clean and free of any e-juice. Some tanks tend to leak and there’s nothing you can do about it. Therefore, you need to regularly clean the connection using a Q-tip or a piece of paper towel.
  • If your mod features a removable battery (or batteries), it is going to require a bit more maintenance. Once a week, check the cell connections. See if there’s any dust, dirt, or e-juice. You need to check the spring as well and make sure that it stays bouncy and, well, springy.  
  • If you see any signs of burn, whether it’s a damaged mod interior or burnt springs, stop using it right away. Sadly, it is not safe anymore.

Basically, that’s all you have to do to maintain your vape mod. You learn even more about types of mods available on the market by reading this article. Check both the interior and the exterior for any signs of damage, keep it away from water, and avoid dropping it on the ground, and it will serve you for a long time. Always, always use only suitable batteries and be careful not to overtighten the tank when screwing it onto the mod. These precautionary steps are simple but very effective

When you feel like your device isn’t providing you with the performance that you want, it is a sign that it requires cleaning

How to Keep Your Vaping Device in a Good Condition: A Couple of Helpful Tips

There are some things that are not technically related to cleaning but can still help you keep your device shiny and gunk-free. Take these pieces of advice into consideration, and your vape will remain in its best condition longer:

  • Always watch the e-juice level. Don’t let your tank run dry and don’t overfill it. To find the optimal amount of the e-liquid for your specific device may take some time and practice, but you need to train yourself how to fill the tank with just the right amount of the e-juice.
  • Store your device properly. Many vapers neglect this and then regret doing so later. You see, proper storage will prevent leaks and accidents. You can buy a high-quality case for your device, where it will always be protected.

Take care of your e-juice. Don’t leave it in the direct sunlight and don’t expose it to extreme temperatures. This will ruin not only the flavor quality but also the consistency of the juice, which may have an effect on your tank, coils, and other parts of your device.


Vaping certainly is fun, but there are times when we need to do some “manual labor”. And that’s cleaning. Since a clean device means great performance and a prolonged lifespan, you should not neglect this procedure.

And now when you know how to clean a vape tank, a batteries’ exterior, all the important connectors, a mouthpiece, and even how to clean vape coils, you can enjoy the purest vapor and the deepest flavor all day long. So, sit back and relax!

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