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We, vaping enthusiasts, all have one thing in common:

We are always willing to experiment and try new flavors.

Luckily, many e-juice companies give us such a chance. They release new products regularly, giving us an opportunity to find that perfect flavor for our ideal vape.

Today, we are going to take a look at one particular e-juice line. The Bombshell e-liquids by High Class Vape Co are a popular choice of many vapers out there. And in this Bombshell e-liquid review, we are going to find out why.

Something Cool You Should Know

The first thing you are going to notice when you see the Bombshell e-juice is the design of each bottle. The concept is pretty simple but still manages to interest countless users.

Here’s the deal:

Each flavor represents a famous classic actress. Marilyn, Audrey, Lucille, Sophia, and Elizabeth are among the most recognizable names (even these days, years after the prime of their careers), which the vape juice company decided to use to their benefit.

But the kicker is:

The company didn’t simply decide to use fancy names for their e-juices. They’ve created each flavor with an actress’s character in mind. I can’t imagine how creative the process was, but the whole idea is quite interesting and unique.

Each bottle has the actress’s picture on it. Surprisingly, those classy women have the not so classy tattoos! This actually resonates with the brand style, adding an interesting twist to the overall design.

Additionally, the company uses some really fancy descriptions. When reading about each flavor, you will see such words as “sassy”, “seductive”, “spunky”, “decadent”, etc. Not all people dig such a style, but for many users, this marketing trick works really well.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really interested to know what is hiding behind those sweet words and fancy names. Let’s see what this e-juice really has to offer.

A Quick Overview

I would like to start my Bombshell e-liquid review with figuring out the basics.

Here are the things you need to know about this particular e-juice line:

  • There are 5 flavors in general, all named after famous Hollywood actresses of the 20th century.
  • The vape juice is available in 60 ml bottles only. This is a bit surprising since many companies tend to produce different volumes of vape juices, allowing users to choose the most suitable amount for their vaping needs. However, with Bombshell, you get only one volume option.
  • Each bottle has the actress’s name in the front of the label and some additional info about the company and the ingredients at the back. As far as the flavor info goes, you only get the actress’s name. So, you’ll probably have to memorize which name represents what flavor (or sign the bottles yourself to distinguish between the flavors).
  • These e-juices come with different nicotine There are 0 mg, 3 mg, 5 mg, and 12 mg options. I personally feel like this is enough, but if you need a larger nicotine intake, you might want to consider some other options (or buy the pure nicotine liquid separately and add it to your favorite juice).
  • For this review, I’ve tested the 3 mg nicotine concentration.
  • All 5 flavors have the same VG/PG (Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol) ratio: 70VG/30PG.

Now that we’ve covered the basic info, it’s time to proceed with a more interesting part of this review. Let’s look at each flavor individually.

The VG/PG ratio plays a huge role in every e-juice. The more VG, the denser your e-liquid is going to be. Additionally, VG-based vape juices produce more clouds. At the same time, of being so dense, such e-liquids tend to build up more on the coils and the wicking, which means you might change the coil head more often.


bombshell elizabeth

If you love cinnamon rolls, you will definitely fall for this e-juice. Featuring the famous dessert combo, cinnamon + cream cheese, it will definitely surprise your taste buds.

I personally am not a fan of cinnamon, so this e-juice is my least favorite among all five. However, I’m sure that many vapers will love it. Surprisingly, cinnamon is not overpowering in this ensemble. It is noticeable but rather soft. The spiciness is completed with some sweet cream cheese notes in the background, so the overall flavor feels rather balanced.

This is a sweet e-juice, but I expected it to be much sweeter. I’m not sure if it’s suitable for chain vaping (because of the whole spicy thing going on there), but it can certainly serve as your “dessert” vape, especially when accompanied by a cup of coffee.

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Just like the woman it is named after, this e-juice is bright and dazzling. It is sweet, sugary, and creamy. This flavor is the combination of a fresh strawberry and the famous marshmallow fluff. If you have a sweet tooth, you are definitely going to like it.

To me, this particular flavor seemed to be way too sweet. However, it’s just my personal preference, as I don’t really like very sweet flavors.

Another thing I can say about this flavor is that it has a very classic (in terms of vape juices) taste. It has a very distinctive strawberry note and a sweet, creamy background. It might remind you of some e-liquids you’ve already tried before, like strawberry milkshake or strawberry cheesecake.

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bombshell marilyn


bombshell lucille

Who ordered Pina Coladas? That’s what this flavor reminds me of. Its main note is a strong, juicy pineapple, which is accompanied by a subtle coconut flavor. This is a rather fresh e-juice, without overpowering sourness and with a good level of sweetness.

To be honest, this is my second favorite. It tastes fresh and juicy. It is also rather sweet, but the sweetness is not overwhelming. Of course, I realize that some people are not huge fans of this combo (pineapple + coconut). So, it’s always better to test the flavor yourself. And who knows, maybe Lucille will make you change your mind?

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Always keep in mind that picking an e-juice flavor is totally an individual task. Some people love sour flavors, others prefer desserts. What might help you make up your mind is reading other people’s reviews. But make sure you only pay attention to the flavor qualities. How sweet is it? Which note is overpowering? What does it taste like? By familiarizing yourself with the e-liquid’s properties, you will get the general idea of what it tastes like.


Now, I am not going to lie:

Audrey is my personal favorite. This lemon bar e-juice has everything I love about vape flavors. It is sweet, rich, flavorful, and even has a hint of sourness. It might remind you of a lemon tart, with those spicy zest notes and sweet powdered sugar on the top.

Because this flavor isn’t too sweet, it is great for regular vaping. I am sure you will not get sick of it even if you chain vape occasionally. Audrey is very nicely balanced. So, even if you are not a fan of citrusy or sweet flavors, you still might want to try it. The lemon, when combined with the sweet creamy note, tastes perfectly balanced.

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bombshell audrey

Let’s Talk About Nicotine

I will keep it short:

The company really uses some high-quality nicotine in these e-liquids. I was testing the 3 mg version, and it blew me away. Even though the nicotine was noticeable, it was very smooth, soft, and pleasant to vape on. There were moments when I completely forgot my e-juice had nicotine in it.

This only proves the quality of the ingredients. When a low-quality nicotine is used in an e-juice, it completely ruins the flavor.  But with the Bombshell, you don’t have to worry about that. You will get smooth inhales, a sufficient throat hit, and a nice, pleasant nicotine scent.

What Is Wrong with These E-Liquids?

In my opinion, one minor issue about these Bombshell vape juices is the lack of bottle size options they offer. I mean, it would be nice to have 15 ml bottles, which you can buy to test each flavor or 120ml if you want to save money on a bigger volume. The only size available now is a 60 ml bottle, but I hope the manufacturer will add more options in the future.

What Is Really Great with These E-Liquids?

The absolute best thing about this e-juice line is definitely its quality. Even though some of the flavors might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no denying that the flavor and vapor quality these liquids offer are close to superior. The clouds are large and the flavor is rich and deep. To me, that’s a great plus.

If you’re also interested in budget vaping opportunities, don’t hesitate to check our review.

Nicotine is one component, which can either ruin or complement your e-juice flavor. When a manufacturer uses high-quality nicotine, your vape juice gets that nice, tingly buzz, which does not overpower the main flavor but contributes to it.

Pros and Cons: An Overview

To get the full picture, we need to consider both the good and the bad, in brief.

Let’s start with the pros:

  • Great flavor quality;
  • Nice big clouds;
  • High-quality ingredients;
  • Good VG/PG ratio;
  • Interesting flavor combinations;
  • Nice bottle design;
  • Superb nicotine quality;
  • Smooth inhales.

Now, moving on to the cons:

  • Only 60 ml bottles available;
  • No flavor description on the bottles, only the actresses’ names;
  • Not too many nicotine options (for some users).


Flavor quality
Vapor quality
Nicotine quality
Throat hit
Quality of the ingredients
Company reputation


Despite some minor flaws, the Bombshell vape juices are definitely worth trying. I sure did enjoy vaping on them! And I am certain that at least one of their flavors can become your favorite.

Have you tried any of the Bombshell vape juices? Which one is your personal favorite? And what flavor are you looking forward to vaping on? Let us know in the comments!

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