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A Quick Preview

Battery capacity
Pod price
Rubi by KandyPensRefillable (e-liquid, oil)4 x 0.66 inches280 mAh
Aspire Breeze 2Refillable, supports different e-liquid flavors3.7 x 1.3 inches
1000 mAh$10.95
SMOK InfinixRefillable, supports different e-liquid flavors4.3 x 0.7 inches
250 mAh
Suorin DropRefillable, supports different e-liquid flavors2.87 x 1.9 inches
310 mAh$3.50
MyBlu Starter Kit16 flavors (including 4 nicotine salts)4.2 x 0.71 inches
350 mAh$4.99
Mi-Pod by Smoking VaporRefillable, supports different e-liquid flavors
2.36 x 2 inches
950 mAh
SMOK FitRefillable, supports different e-liquid flavors4.21 x 0.72 inches
250 mAh

Best Build Quality

Rubi by KandyPens

The first item on our list of the best alternatives to the JUUL is this sleek looking device by KandyPens called Rubi. The Rubi, despite being small, has a potential to pleasantly surprise you.

This pod vape is very nicely made (handcrafted, to be more exact). It also features a ceramic heating element, which means your every inhale and exhale will be smooth and flavorful. Additionally, it comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a real testament to its quality. Such a good warranty period means that the manufacturer is certain of their product’s quality.

Now, the Rubi works with refillable pods. It supports regular e-juices and oils. The capacity of the pod is 1 ml, which is a standard for such a size. It features a dual airflow design, which somewhat enhances the flavor.

The Rubi is extremely easy to use. It is draw-activated, which means there are no buttons, you just need to start inhaling for it to vaporize the e-juice. It also has an 8-second auto shut-off function that helps users save the energy. This little device was designed specifically for the direct-to-lung inhale use and it offers a strong hit.

Despite some minor flaws, the Rubi is really able to surprise. This little device offers flexibility, ease of use, and most importantly, flavor. What is there not to like


Super compact and portable

Refillable pod system

Ceramic heating element

Superb build quality

Great warranty period

Extremely easy to use (draw-activated)

Good value for money


Limited e-juice capacity

Short battery life

A rather strong draw resistance, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea

Best Battery Capacity

Aspire Breeze 2

The next contestant to be called the best alternative to the JUUL is the Aspire Breeze 2. This pod system combines all the cool features you might want such a simple device to have: a long-lasting battery, refillable pods, switchable coils, and a good flavor.

Featuring an Aluminum Alloy body, the Breeze 2 feels sturdy and reliable. Its pods are quite large (when compared to the majority of other pod systems) and can hold up to 3 ml of e-juice. The atomizer supports 2 different Breeze coil types: 0.6-Ohm and 1.0-Ohm. It comes with both, so you can try different resistance to see which coil works better for you.

Pod systems are ideal for beginners since they usually come with everything you need to start vaping. They are also very easy to operate and don’t require users to have any experience. They are sleek and compact, so if you aren’t used to vaping yet, a pod system would be perfect for you.

Another cool thing about this model is the adjustable airflow. It allows users to control the draw strength by simply pulling the mouthpiece and rotating the airflow adjustment ring. The Breeze 2 pods feature a bottom-fill leak-proof design. It is suitable for both beginners and more experienced users thanks to its ease of use and vapor quality.

Overall, this is a great little pod vape. It feels great in your hand and performs surprisingly well. Additionally, it allows for versatility in use, which so many vapers can appreciate!



Nicely built and sturdy

Good battery capacity


Adjustable airflow

Works with 2 coil types

Great flavor


Takes a long time to charge

The mouthpiece may be hard to remove

The mouthpiece looks a bit cheap compared to the rest of the device

Best Value for Money

SMOK Infinix

The SMOK Infinix is a device that can become the ultimate choice for many users. It is super sleek and compact, easy to use, and comes with everything you need to start vaping right away. Additionally, this JUUL alternative offers great value for money. It is affordable and features a refillable pod system, which means you can really save a buck or two.

With its 250-mAh battery and 2-ml refillable pods, the SMOK Infinix is a great portable model suitable for beginners and ex-smokers. It can easily fit into your pocket and doesn’t require any experience on your side. This is a draw-activated pod system, so each use can be breezy and effortless.

Now, each pod includes a small atomizer, which heats the vape juice up. The result is more than satisfactory: you get a rich, distinct flavor without any dry hits. The side-fill design is convenient and leak-proof. This is a simple model without any unnecessary bells and whistles. It offers everything you need for a very reasonable price.

If you want a pod system that would remind you of the JUUL but be much cheaper, the Infinix is the perfect option. It shows good performance, allows for a rather flexible e-juice use, and doesn’t require you to empty your wallet.

If you want a pod system that would remind you of the JUUL but be much cheaper, the Infinix is the perfect option. It shows good performance, allows for a rather flexible e-juice use, and doesn’t require you to empty your wallet.

Now, take a look at the key pros and cons:


Great value for money

Sleek and compact

Easy to use and refill

Fast charging time


Limited battery life (will need to charge often when chain vaping)

Sleek and compact The draw is rather restricted, which may not be suitable for some users

The 8-second shut-off feature may be annoying to some vapers who prefer taking longer pauses between the draws

Best Ergonomic Design

Suorin Drop

This little drop can change the way you perceive vaping. The Suorin Drop isn’t as thin and sleek as other pen-style pod systems, but that’s what makes it so great. This model lies so comfortably in the hand that you will not want to let go of it. And the vapor quality will only contribute to that.

Being styled like a drop, this pod vape is draw-activated. It features a refillable tank, which means you can use pretty much any e-liquid you want. It supports both nicotine salt and freebase vape juices. The pod’s capacity is 2 ml.

This device was designed with convenience in mind. It features a soft, kind of rubbery finish, which makes it feel really snug and comfortable in your hand. The pods are leak-resistant and spitback-free. They are easy to refill through the bottom part.

As for performance, prepare to be surprised. This little guy has a great potential. It creates thick, flavorful vapor. Of course, don’t expect to chase clouds with your Suorin Drop. However, for a pod system, it produces impressively good vapor.

To be honest, this pod vape is not flawless. However, if you want something unusual and comfortable to use, the Suorin Drop is the one for you.

Now, consider the key pros and cons:


Ergonomic design, nicely lies in the hand

Refillable pods

Leak-proof and portable

Great vapor quality

Fast charging

Supports different e-juices


Limited battery capacity

Occasional misfires

The pod may feel wobbly when attached to the battery

Best Cheap JUUL Alternative

MyBlu Starter Kit

The next item on our list deserves to be called the best cheap JUUL alternative. Seriously, the MyBlue is ridiculously cheap. However, it comes with everything you might need (and a bit more). It offers a variety of flavors and good vapor quality. For such a price, it’s a real steal!

Now, this is a closed pod system. This means you will not be able to refill your pods. Once you have used all the e-juice, you need to order new pods. However, they are very affordable, so you won’t be spending that much money. Additionally, the company offers many different flavors, and you have the freedom to try them all. There are fresh, savory, earthy, and fruity collections. Some of them even come with nicotine, so that’s good news for smokers.

There are two types of pod systems: refillable and pre-filled (also called open and closed). Refillable pods allow you to use your own e-juices without the need to buy new pods. You can just refill your old one. At the same time, once you’ve used your pre-filled pod, you toss it and get a new one.

The MyBlu uses a 350-mAh battery and a 1.3-Ohm coil. It is draw-activated, which means all you have to do to start using it is inhale. No buttons, easy peasy. The battery can last you all day if you are an occasional vaper. However, if you enjoy chain vaping, you probably will have to charge your Blu every few hours.

Don’t worry though:

The charging time is around 20 minutes, so you don’t have to wait long.

If you are looking for a good JUUL substitute but have a limited budget, the MyBlu would be perfect for you. It’s a great little device that offers a lot for a very reasonable price. It does have some flaws, but I’m sure you will be ready to ignore them once you start using your Blu.

Now, look at the following pros and cons:


Compact and sleek

Extremely easy to use

Numerous flavor options

Good vapor quality

Super affordable

Fast charging

Lifetime warranty


Potential leaks (especially if you leave it lying on its side)

Occasional spit-backs


Best Luxury JUUL Alternative

Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor

This one is a real treat for all the aesthetics lovers out there. The Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor is one of the fanciest, luxuriously looking pod systems you can get for such a price. It is also very convenient to use and it offers great vapor quality. I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s a perfect combo!

Mi-Pod features refillable cartridges, so you can use almost any e-juice you want (just stay away from the overly thick ones). A pod can hold up to 2 ml of e-juice. The battery is 950 mAh, which means it can last almost all day. There are a LED light indicator and a 10-second cut-off function for energy saving.

This model is draw-activated, which makes the vaping process extremely easy and fuss-free. The body of the device has a rather ergonomic shape. It conveniently and discreetly lies in your hand, allowing for superb portability and a stealth vape (if you need it).

Each Mi-Pod cartridge has a 1.0-Ohm coil atomizer with a special OAS system. The Oil and Air Separated system implements top airflow and does not allow the e-juice to leak. This results in a smooth, flavorful vapor every time.

Not only does this pod system look great; it also shows decent performance. It is highly functional despite its compact size. And despite some small drawbacks, I am sure the Mi-Pod has the potential to become your favorite vaping device.

Check out the key pros and cons:


Sleek and lightweight

Refillable pods

Super easy to use

Good flavor

Looks fancy

Nicely built

Good battery life


The mouthpiece is quite short and may feel awkward to some users

Not the cheapest option

The mouthpiece gets warm when chain vaping

Best Refillable JUUL Alternative


The last item on our list of the coolest JUUL alternatives is this sleek pod system by SMOK. And yes, it looks a lot like the JUUL. However, it can offer a bit more. This device features a refillable pod system, meaning you can try different e-juices without the need to buy a new cartridge every time.

This is also a great starter kit for beginners. The SMOK Fit is extremely easy to use and features multiple safety protections. It also allows for a stealth vape pretty much anytime, anywhere. The battery capacity is 250 mAh, which may seem like not that much but can get you through multiple vaping sessions.

Everything about this devices says “simplicity”. For instance, to refill the pod, you don’t even need to disassemble the whole system. Simply open the side filling slot and add some e-juice. Of course, to see how much you’re adding, you will actually have to take the pod out. But for a quick drop or two, you can do it without disassembling the device. The pod can hold up to 2 ml of e-juice. It’s also draw-activated, which, again, means a very simplistic design and a fuss-free use.

To be honest, this little guy managed to impress me. It has so much to offer while being so small and convenient to use. And even though it doesn’t have the most powerful battery, it still has a chance to exceed your expectations.

Let’s consider some pros and cons:


Compact and super portable

Refillable pods

Super easy to use

Great flavor

Convenient filling design


Cheap replacement pods


Limited battery life

The airflow may be too unrestricted for some users

What Is JUUL Exactly? Pod Vapes Explained

Woman holding Juul pod vape

With the rising popularity of the JUUL, more and more people become interested in this little device and its look-a-likes. Naturally, the question arises: “What is the JUUL exactly? And what makes it (and its alternatives) so special?” Let me try to explain.

The JUUL is what to be called a pod vape (or a pod vaping device, a pod system, etc.). This is one of the simplest vaping devices available on the market, which many users choose thanks to its simplicity and user-friendly design.

A pod vaping system includes a couple of components. There is a battery to power the device and turn the e-juice into that flavorful vapor. There’s also usually a LED indicator that shows the device is on and lets the users know when it’s ready for vaping. And of course, there’s a juice pod (hence the name “pod system”) that holds the e-liquid. The pod also contains a small coil and a wick. The wick absorbs the e-juice while the coil heats it up and turns it into vapor.

Some of these devices are automatic, meaning they will heat up the e-juice with your every draw. Others feature a power button, which you need to press before starting to vape. The vapor is delivered to your mouth through the mouthpiece placed on the top of the e-juice pod.

Even though pod system devices are very simplistic, even experienced and more demanding vapers oftentimes use them. For instance, a pod vape is a great option for your lunch breaks when you need to be stealth. Or, for instance, when you need a stronger nicotine hit, a pod system can offer you that.

The batteries in these devices are rather small (compared to mode advanced vaping devices like box mods, for example). Usually, the capacity varies depending on each model but stays within certain limits. The average battery capacity for pod vaping systems is 300 mAh. This number actually determines for how long you will be able to vape in between the charges. 300 mAh is more than the good old cig-a-likes can offer but there are far more powerful devices available (in case you are interested).

Here’s the thing, though:

Despite a rather small battery, users choose the JUUL and its alternatives for many other reasons and benefits that they have to offer. Want to know why the JUUL is so popular? Keep reading!

Pod Vaping Systems: What Makes Them So Special?

Different Pod vapes, pod vaping systems

Now, each vaper has their own reasons for looking for vapes like JUUL. But some benefits of the pod systems are simply undeniable. For instance:

  • They are super small and slim. This makes pod systems extremely portable and easy to use. They don’t take much space and allow for a stealth vape. Just put one into your pocket, and you’re ready to vape pretty much anytime and anywhere.
  • Pod vapes are very easy to use, which makes them ideal for beginners and ex-smokers. They don’t require any knowledge or experience on your part. Just take a draw and enjoy.
  • Pod systems offer a strong nicotine hit. Again, this makes them ideal for smokers and people who want to quit smoking. For smokers, pod vapes offer a high nicotine concentration, which many other devices simply don’t support. For people who want to quit smoking, pod systems allow to gradually decrease the amount of the nicotine. How? By simply buying pre-filled pods with lower levels of nicotine every time. For instance, if you are a heavy smoker, you can start with 24 mg, then reduce to 18, then 12, and so on until you reach the desired 0.
  • They are affordable. The thing is, when buying a pod system, you get the whole vaping kit and can start right away. You don’t have to buy any extra accessories, coils, vape juice, wicks, etc. This makes pod devices and vapes like JUUL a really good value for money.
  • Pod systems are leak-proof. While a tank mod can make a real mess, your pod device will keep the e-juice inside no matter how you use and carry it. This means you will not waste a drop of your precious e-liquid.

Why Would You Want to Get a JUUL Alternative?

When it comes to finding the best JUUL alternative, we all want one thing:

Something better than the JUUL.

But one may start wondering “If the JUUL is so popular, why would anyone want to get an alternative? What’s wrong with the JUUL then?” Many things, to be honest. And while some users are ready to let those flaws and drawbacks slide, others prefer to look for better alternatives.

So, why would you want to get something other than the JUUL? Here are the main reasons for the majority of vapers:

  • The JUUL features a closed pod system, which means you cannot refill it. Once there’s no e-juice left in the pod, you need to buy a new one. This can be quite problematic because you have to wait for the new pods to arrive instead of simply adding some more e-liquid and starting to vape right away.
  • Again, because the JUUL is a closed vaping system, it kind of limits the users. They have a limited number of e-juice flavors. This is bad news for those who love to experiment with different e-liquids and trying out new, interesting flavors.
  • Because you have to buy new pods every time you run out of your vape juice, this can really hurt your wallet. Let me explain: the average price of a JUUL pod is around $15 for 4 pods. This may seem like a reasonable price, but keep in mind that each of those pods contains less than 1 ml of e-juice. Trust me, you will vape it to the last drop very, very fast.
  • The JUUL’s battery is also a valid reason to switch to alternative options. Its capacity is 200 mAh, which is not enough for many users. Such a capacity allows for around an hour of use. Therefore, if you take your JUUL with you and decide to vape during the day, you will have to search for ways to charge it multiple times during the day.
  • Finally, there are too many fakes because of the JUUL’s extreme popularity. You may not even know that your JUUL is fake since they are oftentimes are nicely done. However, no matter how real a fake JUUL make look, its components aren’t that good. Therefore, your vaping experience won’t be that good, and your device will end up being just a waste of money.

Fake JUULs: How to Recognize Them (And Can You Actually Use Them?)

Now, it’s very easy to come across a fake JUUL. There are actually two scenarios of this situation. First, you want to buy a JUUL but get a fake without knowing it since countless manufacturers produce JUUL imitations these days. Second, you deliberately buy a fake JUUL simply because it’s cheaper.

Whatever the case is, there’s one thing you need to know: using fake JUULs may be dangerous. First of all, you don’t know what goes in the fake JUUL e-juice. And when you don’t know what you are inhaling, how can you be sure of its safety?

Second of all, many users report regular leakage caused by fake JUULs. This means you will waste your e-juice, spend even more money on e-liquid pods, and maybe even ruin your clothes (if the juice leaks when the fake JUUL is in your pocket) or the furniture in your home.

So, you may be wondering now, “How can I recognize an actual fake?” To be honest, there isn’t a 100% fool-proof guide. However, based on other users’ reports, you can avoid getting yourself a fake JUUL by paying attention to the following aspects:

  • Build quality. In original JUULs, the pod tightly sits on the battery. In the fake options, however, it may feel shaky or have a rather loose fitting.
  • LED light indicator. In some fake models, it tends to misbehave. It may show the wrong color or blink constantly. It may even stop working.
  • E-juice taste. When using the JUUL, you are not likely to feel any unpleasant flavor notes. However, many fake models may deliver a rather burnt flavor.
  • Price. Just remember one simple rule: in the world of vaping, you get what you pay for. If the JUUL you want to buy is super cheap, chances are it isn’t real.
  • LED light brightness. In many cases, with fake models, the LED light tends to be not bright enough and rather dull looking, while in original JUULs, it is bright and intense.
Pod systems do have their disadvantages. The biggest one is probably the battery life. In the majority of pod devices, batteries aren’t that powerful and can work for a few hours on a single charge. This might be bad news for chain vapers.

Are Pod Systems Really for You?

Don’t get me wrong, there is so much to love about the best JUUL alternatives. They offer numerous benefits to users. However, being a rather specific type of devices, pod systems aren’t for everyone. So, if you have any doubts, here’s what you should know:

  • Pod vaping systems offer a strong nicotine hit. Therefore, when vaping on such a device, the whole process may be too harsh and intense for you if you aren’t a smoker or aren’t used to that buzzing sensation that high intone dosages provide.
  • Typically, pod systems are small, which means their batteries aren’t too powerful. Don’t expect to vape all day long or have extremely long non-stop vaping sessions without charging your device. If you are a heavy vaper, you either need two pod devices (so that you can switch between them when one model dies) or something more advanced and powerful.
  • If you are using a refillable pod, you can experiment with different e-juices but not the VG-based ones. The e-liquids containing a lot of VG (Vegetable Glycerin) are very thick and may easily clog your pod. Additionally, they simply don’t perform that well with pod vaping systems.
  • If you have a closed pod system (non-refillable), you are limited in terms of e-juice flavors. Therefore, this type of devices is not suited for people who love trying many different e-juice flavors.
  • Pod vapes aren’t suitable for cloud chasing. Because these devices are compact and slim, they aren’t designed to create those enormous thick clouds. Therefore, if you are really into cloud chasing, pod systems are not the best option for you.


As you can already see, there are many cool alternatives to the JUUL. So, if you don’t really want to be a part of the hype, you know which other pod systems you can try.

But if you cannot pick just one (I know, there’s a lot of great stuff on the vaping market), let me help you.

If you want a more powerful JUUL alternative, I suggest you go with the Aspire Breeze 2. Yes, it does look a bit bulkier. However, this pod system is still very compact and can fit in your hand perfectly. Additionally, it has a powerful battery, which means you will enjoy your vaping sessions longer.

However, if you simply want something similar to the JUUL but with a refillable pod, try the SMOK Fit. It will give you the freedom to try different e-juices and experiment with flavors while enjoying good vapor quality and simplicity in use.

So, have you made up your mind? What are your thoughts on the JUUL and its “brothers”? Are you willing to test an alternative? Let us know in the comments below!

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