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It’s no secret that to get the biggest clouds out of your vape device, you need to have the best possible equipment. And from my experience, your mod can only be as good as the battery inside it.

Logically, a question has to be asked:

“How can I find out which vape batteries are the best?”

The short answer is…

you can’t.

All batteries, even the top-tier ones, have their own strengths and weaknesses. So, in the end, you’ll have to choose an option that suits your personal preferences the most.

To aid you in this task, I’ve prepared a list of the 7 best 18650 vape batteries that will help you uncover the full potential of your device!

A Quick Preview

NameCapcityContinuous Max Discharge CurrentRating
Samsung 25R2500 mAh20 Amps
LG HE42500 mAh20 Amps
LG HE22500 mAh20 Amps
Sony VTC42100 mAh30 Amps
Sony VTC52600 mAh30 Amps
Samsung 30Q3000 mAh15 Amps
LG HG23000 mAh20 Amps
Almost all vape equipment is battery-powered, with the majority of devices relying on lithium-ion batteries. The latter serves to heat up the element that creates the vapor, and without them, the devices would be useless

Best Battery for Mech Mods

Samsung 25R

Samsung 25R Battery
  • Nominal capacity: 2500 mAh
  • Nominal voltage: 3.6A
  • Full charge: 4.2V
  • Constant max discharge current: 20A
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This item rightfully wins a place on the list of the best 18650 vape mod batteries due to its power and reliability. I’m an experienced vaper who’s really into mechanical mods, and if you’re anything like me, these batteries will allow you to transform into a smoke-making monster as well.

The 25Rs’ durability has been nothing short of impressive to me, as they lasted for well over two hundred full charge-discharge cycles and now are still going strong. These certainly aren’t the batteries that you’ll throw out after a month or two of active usage. Performance-wise, these batteries don’t suffer from any capacity losses between 0.5A and 2.5A, which is a huge step up from other models.

When picking a set of batteries, you have to factor in the build of the device you’re buying. For example, if you are looking for batteries specifically for a mechanical mod, they need to have a correct power configuration so that you don’t encounter any problems

Now, I should note that the 25Rs have also proved to be sustainable structurally, as they don’t get scratched easily and I didn’t notice any leakage. As battery safety is a very important issue for vapers, it’s good to see that manufacturers put their time into developing proper protection.

And it gets better:

When running at 20A, I have noticed that it stays a couple of degrees colder than other similar batteries, which means they work more efficiently and will last longer.

As these batteries are highly reliable and hard-hitting, I use them when I’m entering in competitions with my beast of a mech mod.

Let’s take a look at the most important pros and cons:


Fast charge-up

Safety-oriented design

Long life cycle

No leakages or discoloration

Suits both mech and box mods

Good temperature regulation


After reaching about 250 charges, the battery doesn’t last as long

You’ll have to buy it only from a reliable retailer since there are too many fakes on the market these days

Best Battery for Box Mods


  • Nominal capacity: 3000 mAh
  • Nominal voltage: 3.6V
  • Maximum continuous discharge rate: 20A
  • Flat top design
  • Rechargeable
  • Cut-off voltage: 2.5V
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The last item on our list of the best 18650 vape batteries is another legendary product, famous among experienced vapers and other users who appreciate durability and quality. These HG2 batteries are powerful and reliable, which is enough to make you fall in love with them.

When trying to choose the best battery for your vape mod or pen, you should pay your attention to a number of factors, including the maximum discharge, battery life, operating temperature, and how many times it can be recharged while continuing to perform well

LG, being a trusted brand, keeps surprising us. I mean, just look at this battery’s capacity. 3000 mAh is enough to keep you vaping all day long (if you are a heavy vaper). Moreover, if you vape moderately, you will be able to use this battery even for two days straight. These batteries are a perfect option for chain vapers who don’t really want to switch the batteries in their mod too often.

The discharge limit is 20 Amps, which is a decent number. However, it might be not enough for too powerful mechanical mods. It won’t let you create enormous clouds, but it is perfect for non-stop vaping on medium wattages and for excellent flavor.

Here are the key pros and cons for your consideration:


Powerful (large capacity) and durable

Great for non-stop vaping

Doesn’t get too warm

Holds its charge excellently


Might be not suitable for super powerful mods and cloud chasing

The performance may drop gradually after each charge/discharge cycle

Best Vape Batteries Overall


  • Nominal capacity: 2500 mAh
  • Nominal voltage: 3.6V
  • Maximum voltage: 4.25V
  • Cut off voltage: 2.5V
  • Constant max charge current: 20A
  • Maximum discharge current: 35A
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This item deserves to be considered as one of the top-rated 18650 vape batteries due to how perfectly it suits sub ohm vaping. It also presents the opportunity for some top-class cloud chasing.

These batteries possess a capacity of 2500 mAh, which allows them to sustain high wattage mods. The nominal voltage of 3.6V is an excellent value for mech mods, making the HE4 a great option for fans of the unregulated vaping. Additionally, the charge duration is noticeably longer than in any other alternative option from the same mAh category.

Continuous discharge rate is the maximum current at which the batteries can work efficiently before failing. This figure is estimated by the manufacturer and is one of the most important characteristics of vape batteries

But that’s not it. The batteries don’t heat up much when they are drained at 20A and have served me for more than two hundred recharge cycles with only a slight drop in battery life. You can discharge HE4s down to 2.5V for them to reach full capacity, which is better than in a lot of similar models.

The batteries are well-designed and I didn’t have any safety issues, as the surface is well protected from any possible external damage.

Now, let’s consider the key pros and cons of these batteries:


Charge lasts for a long time

Great for high-drain vaping styles

Adequate heat resistance

Regains nominal capacity at 2.5V

Long lifespan


Capacity drops when tested at 30A

Might start getting warm over time


  • Nominal Capacity: 2500 mAh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
  • Full Charge Voltage: 4.2V
  • Constant Max Discharge Current: 20A
  • Maximum Discharge Current: 35A
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This model has earned its place on the list of the best 18650 vape batteries thanks to the combination of its excellent capacity, up-to-par voltage, and reasonable price.

The HE2 batteries last a respectable amount of time due to the 2500mAh capacity and are efficient in resisting heat. I’ve done some testing, and the temperature ranges from 0 to 50oC on charge and -20 to 75oC on discharge, and that is almost as good as it gets with this type of batteries.

In terms of power, the HE2s are as hard-hitting as more expensive options. As long as I stayed within the 20A recommended current, I haven’t noticed any significant drops in capacity and my mod worked like a charm for hours.

Now, design-wise, these batteries meet all safety regulations for 18650 batteries and should serve you for about three hundred charge cycles, provided you take proper care of them. This item is commonly found on the market and is a perfect alternative if you want HE4 batteries but can’t find them.

Most vaper-caused errors occur because of too fast discharges, fire button being pressed for too long, or the battery being damaged by other metal objects

Now, let’s examine the defining pros and cons of this model:


Impressive charge duration

High operating temperature range

Great performance at 20A

Light in weight

High energy density


Needs to be drained to 2V before it reaches its nominal capacity

Might last not as long as advertised if used regularly

Sony VTC4

Sony VTC4
  • Nominal capacity: 2100 mAh
  • Nominal voltage: 3.7V
  • Rechargeable
  • Maximum continuous discharge rate: 30 Amps
  • Full charge: 4.2V
  • Flat top design
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To tell you the truth, these batteries are legendary. Every vaper (and not only vaper, actually) knows them. And yes, guys at Sony Energy do know how to make the best 18650 vape batteries for even the most demanding users.

The reason why this item is among the top-rated 18650 vape batteries is simple:

It is reliable and efficient.

It is suitable for both mechanical and regulated mods, which is a big plus. With the capacity of 2100 mAh, this little battery will allow you to vape non-stop for hours on a single charge. Another cool thing is the fact that it comes with a current rating of 30A, which means this battery will not overheat even if you decide to use it on its highest capacity.

To make sure the lifespan of your batteries remains as long as possible, it’s best to run them at the lowest temperatures. Therefore, when searching for your new vape batteries, pay attention to other people’s reviews and see how hot each battery gets when working

I’ve noticed that this battery charges really fast and manages to hold its charge quite well. Overall, it can deal with intense use and serious pressure, which makes this model ideal for any type of vape mod.

Now, let’s consider the key pros and cons of these batteries:


Durable and reliable

Suitable for both mechanical and regulated mods

Reasonable price

Can deal with intense usage and pressure

Long lifespan

Long lifespan

Doesn’t overheat during operation


You’ll have to buy these only from a reliable retailer since there are too many fakes on the market these days

The wrapping seems a bit fragile, gets scratched easily

Sony VTC5

  • Nominal capacity: 2600 mAh
  • Nominal voltage: 3.6V
  • Rechargeable
  • Maximum continuous discharge rate: 30 Amps
  • Full charge: 4.2V
  • Cut-off voltage: 2.5V
  • Flat top design
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Another item on our list that deserves to be among the best 18650 vape batteries is this model by Sony (surprise, surprise, it’s Sony again!). This only proves how reliable the company is and how high-quality their batteries actually are.

Now, the VTC5, which you can always spot in numerous praising reviews and among the top-rated 18650 vape batteries, has quite a lot to offer. The capacity of 2600 mAh is enough for you to vape for hours straight, even if you prefer vaping on higher wattage. And still, the combination of this battery’s capacity and the maximum of 30 Amps doesn’t compromise its safety, making it suitable for almost any type of mod, whether it’s a regulated or a mechanical one.

I’ve noticed that this model gets a bit warmer than the previously mentioned VTC4, but it’s not critical. Another point you should keep in mind is that you should be aware of the clones. Because this model belongs to the list of the best 18650 vape mod batteries, numerous manufacturers try to replicate it and sell as the original, failing to provide the same excellent performance.

Now, take a look at the most important pros and cons:



Perfect for mech mods

Hold the charge very well

Powerful enough for continuous and intense use

Long lifespan


Might get warm (not exceedingly)

The constant discharge current is 20 Amps, may be not suitable for sub ohm vaping

Samsung 30Q

Samsung 30Q
  • Nominal capacity: 3000 mAh
  • Nominal voltage: 3.6V
  • Maximum continuous discharge rate: 15A
  • Rechargeable
  • Flat top design
  • Full charge: 4.2V
  • Cut-off voltage: 2.5V
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Don’t let its sweet pinkish color fool you: this battery is a beast. It has all the right to be among other best 18650 vape batteries since it is powerful, durable, and performs excellently.

Now, to tell you the truth, the 30Q can over-perform a lot of popular 18650 vape mod batteries. First of all, these batteries’ capacity is enough to support even more serious mods for long periods of time. When I was testing the 30Q, I was able to vape all day long. I think I could even continue vaping the next day, but I don’t usually drain my batteries too much in order to prolong their lifespan.

There are two basic specs you need to look at when picking your 18650 batteries: capacity (measured in mAh) and maximum continuous discharge (amperes). Always remember that high-discharge batteries have a lower capacity and vice versa

What surprised me was the cell temperature during its operation. Being a rather powerful battery and allowing the mod to hit me really hard, 30Q didn’t get hot. It got warm, I admit, but not hot. The temperature didn’t make me feel worried even once, which means these batteries are super safe to use (as long as you use them properly).

Check out the main pros and cons:


Great capacity

Don’t get hot

Suitable for both regulated and mechanical mods

Reasonably priced

Super durable

Hold the charge extremely well


Might take quite some time to charge

The batteries’ continuous discharge rate may be not suitable for very powerful mechanical mods

Things to Consider When Buying 18650 Battery

Here’s the deal:

People oftentimes underestimate the importance of a good battery in a vaping device.

However, this small detail can either ruin your vaping experience or transform your vape mod into a beat-like machine.

Therefore, before actually purchasing the 18650 battery, you need to familiarize yourself with this product. Knowledge is power, right?

Now, there are several factors that influence the battery’s performance and generally make for a great battery. Those factors are capacity, current rating, voltage when vaping (which influences how hard the mod hits you), and operating temperature. Let’s take a closer look at these features:

  • The capacity of the battery determines for how long you will be able to vape on a single charge. It is measured in mAh (milliampere-hours). Now, what you should keep in mind is the fact that batteries cannot be 100% efficient. This means if the manufacturer states that the battery’s capacity is 2600 mAh, the real capacity would be, let’s say, 2450 or 2500 mAh. This is not a big deal, but you have to remember this factor in order to use your batteries in the most effective way.
  • The current rating means delivering you the current that you need in the safest way possible without the battery overheating. Of course, buying the battery with the highest current would be the safest option. However, it’s not the most effective method. You see, if you choose the battery with a super high current, its capacity will be low. Don’t want to spoil this for you, but you can’t have both: high capacity and high current (I guess we’re just not there yet in terms of the technological progress). For instance, if you buy a battery with the 40A current (the highest one available these days), its capacity will be around 1500 mAh, which is enough for a couple of hours of vaping but may be not suitable for more serious vapers.
  • High voltage when vaping will make your mod hit you harder. This factor isn’t crucial for some users, but if you’re a fan of mechanical mods, you will definitely appreciate the batteries that can run at high voltages.
  • Running temperature is simply a matter of safety. If your battery doesn’t overheat when you use it, it won’t damage your mod and won’t pose a threat to your hands, face, and general well-being.

Tips on Safety and Usage

Listen, I am not here to nag you. I just want to make sure you are safe. Yes, I care about you that much.

On a serious note though, safety tips and some rules should never be neglected. So, let me remind you of them:

  • Buy only from reliable manufacturers.
  • Never over-discharge or overcharge your batteries. Once the battery is below 15%, stop using it. And it’s best to stop charging when it’s 95% of its full potential.
  • Don’t store or carry loose batteries. Give your preference to containers and plastic cases.
  • When storing your batteries, make sure they are approximately 70% charged. Leaving them dead for long periods of time will decrease their lifespan. Also, storing the batteries fully charged is not recommended either.
  • Do not let the batteries charge unattended.
  • Never use a battery if there’s a visible damage present.
With the number of choices and offers these days, finding the best option can be quite a challenge. In order to make the wisest choice, you need to first decide for yourself what features you value the most about your batteries
  • Make sure you insert your batteries correctly (don’t connect the positive contact to the negative one).
  • When charging the batteries, make sure you put the charger on (or inside) a fireproof material.
  • If the battery overheats or starts making sounds, stop using it immediately.
  • This one is obvious, but let’s remember it: don’t expose the batteries to heat.
  • If the battery catches fire, you can pour some water or soda on it and the areas surrounding it. Using a foam extinguisher is a perfect option, of course, but we don’t always have those in close proximity.
  • Use only high-quality chargers. Don’t hesitate to invest a bit more in your battery charger since this will directly affect your personal safety.
  • Always dispose the batteries properly and according to your local laws and rules. Finding the recycling place for old batteries isn’t that hard.

Why Use 18650 Batteries for Vaping Devices

If you are still feeling a bit hesitant or unsure, let me present you a couple of quick facts about 18650 batteries:

  • Using an external 18650 battery means you can have more control over your device and its performance.
  • No battery can operate forever. However, when the built-in battery finishes its life circle, you have to buy a whole new vaping device. With the 18650 batteries, all you need to do is get a new battery. It’s simpler and cheaper.
  • You can test out different options and find the one that works best for you without investing too much.
  • Since the majority of 18650 batteries are rechargeable, you don’t have to carry the spare one with you.

Also, you can check out this guide to learn more about Lithium Batteries.


I always say that the choice of the best vaping devices and accessories will always depend on your personal preferences. The best product is always the one that works for you. However, when it comes to vape batteries, there are universal items you can stumble upon. Of course, your personal desires and your taste will still play a huge role here, but when we’re talking about batteries’ capacity, operating temperatures, lifespan, and maximum discharge, you can base your choice solely on these factors.

When reviewing these 7 vape batteries, testing them, and looking at their specs, I realized that they all could satisfy my personal preferences. However, there was one that impressed me the most. It was the 30Q by Samsung. Those batteries are powerful and don’t lose their performance even after numerous charges. In my humble opinion, they are suitable for any type of mod and can satisfy even picky users.

Did you find a vape battery that stood out to you? Was there anything that I overlooked here?

Or maybe you have a question about any specific 18650 battery?

Whatever it is – leave a comment and I will be happy to assist.

  • Flame
    May 3, 2018 at 1:35 am

    Bought 3 Samsung 25R for my mech. So far these are the best I’ve used with it. Capacity might be not that good, but 3 batteries lasts for the whole day of active vaping.

  • Johnson K.
    July 8, 2018 at 1:42 pm

    Constant smoking has been my constant habit, and i need a consistent battery to sustain my vaping session.
    LG HG2 will be fine but hope the lifespan will be durable.
    I have limited cash but i need something great.
    Hope the power drop rate will not be so drastic.

  • Sophia White.
    July 8, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    I made a grievous mistake by ignoring the battery capacity.
    This time i need a quality battery with good voltage and life span.
    What can you say about SONY VTC5. I need a professional direction please.

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