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My name is Brian Hensley and I’m a vaping enthusiast.

I am one of those people who started vaping without really thinking too much of it.

This is crazy, but here I am now, with a huge collection of vape devices, a set of my most favorite e-juices that I can’t stop telling all my friends about, and a long vaping history.

It had some bumps on the road in the past and some exciting events (and even a couple of unexpected, bizarre experiences).

I am calling myself a vaping enthusiast and not an omniscient expert for one simple reason:

I started my vaping journey, not with an aim to become super knowledgeable in this sphere and then use my expertise to consult other people.

The truth is, my vaping story began just like yours (probably). Or at least like the story of the majority of vapers.

Now, let’s rewind to 2007.

I was working in a firm as an office manager (or rather one of the “small” assistants), dealing with the day-to-day tasks and, of course, spending half of my day answering the phone. I spend 10 hours sitting every day, listening to people yell into my year. And guess what? Yes, I was smoking. Like crazy.

I blame the stress, but deep down I understand that it was my inability to withstand it more healthily.

I smoked 3 packs of cigarettes every single day. At that point (in 2007), I’ve been a smoker for over 8 years. My skin was yellow and my teeth were far from those bright Hollywood smiles we see on TV.

Man, I think my teeth would’ve fallen out if they knew what a real shiny smile looks like.

And it gets worse:

I was spending so much money on my disgusting habit.

Not only did I waste thousands of dollars on cigarettes every year, but I also started taking medications to deal with constant coughing and regular bronchitis. And to top that off, smoking made me drink more.

Clearly, I was doing something wrong.

To be more exact, I was doing everything wrong. Until one day, one of my colleagues brought an interesting little device to work. You must already have guessed that it was an electronic cigarette.

Being a complete noob at that time, I was utterly impressed and excited. It looked like such a convenient substitute for smoking (and a much cheaper one) that I’ve decided to give it a try.

Thankfully, the progress doesn’t stand in one spot, and later I found out that there were emerging different kinds of e-cigs. I started learning about e-liquids and the nicotine levels in them. Eventually, I started consuming less and less nicotine and was learning more and more about vaping. I didn’t quit smoking overnight and didn’t become a vaping expert in an instant. To be honest with you, the whole process took time and was accompanied by lots of errors and failed attempts.

But here’s the deal:

Even then, I wasn’t thinking about starting to write about vaping.

I didn’t see many people around me buying or using electronic cigarettes, and I felt like I was the only one. A lonely man on an empty island. I had no one to share my wisdom (yes, that’s right) with. I reduced the amount of nicotine I was consuming and was exploring the new horizons of vaping, testing new devices and discovering new exciting e-juice flavors. But the people around me, my friends and acquaintances, they continued smoking and didn’t show any interest in the new smoking method I was enjoying.

Until one day (a few years later), my friend decided to quit smoking.

Trying to imitate me, the pioneer, he bought his first electronic cigarette, which was a mechanic pod pen. Without researching the matter and not trying to delve into the details, he made his pen leak and then burned it from the inside by constantly overcharging the battery until it collapsed.

While I was doubting my friend’s sanity, I realized:

“green” vapers need guidance.

His exciting and fun activity cannot be taken too carelessly. Besides, it’s not that fun when your device sucks and your e-liquids tastes like socks.

I realized that I had enough knowledge to explain to my friend how to pick a proper vaping device, how to use it, and how to find a perfect e-juice. And if I could explain that to my friend, why couldn’t I help other people as well?

Since then, I’ve tried and tested hundreds of vaping devices and probably even more e-juices. I’ve gone from a simple disposable cig-a-like to an advanced box mod that has more settings than my cell phone (just kidding, but it’s still a pretty serious box mod).

What’s the bottom line?

I am ready to share what I know and I want to help.

Now, I realize that vaping is a rather individual and personal thing, and the fact that I like something doesn’t mean others are going to like it too. However, I know what quality is and how to find it on the vaping market. I know that new vapers tend to make a lot of mistakes, choosing the wrong equipment or using the right one poorly. I realize how overwhelming and confusing it is for a new vaper to surf through countless online vape stores or e-juice websites, looking at the endless items for sale and not even knowing where to start.

I love vaping, and I feel like it is time for me to use my experience to help other people who might fall in love with vaping too.

Even though this activity (or hobby, whatever you call it) requires time, attempts, and even errors, I want to shield vapers from at least some portion of those errors. I want to help people quit smoking and find the best vaping option. And I want to dispel all of the myths around this “smoking” method, educating everyone who is interested in this fun activity.

So, vape away, my friend!